Sonia Delaunay carpet – 384

Period: 1950/1960
Dimensions: diameter cm 290

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Sonia Delaunay carpet
(Odessa, November 14, 1885 – Paris, December 5, 1979)

Period: 1950/1960
Dimensions: diameter cm 290

Sonia Terk Delaunay was born in Ukraine on 14 November 1885 and died in Paris on 5 December 1979.
She initially studied in St. Petersburg, before attending art school in Germany. In 1906 she moved to Paris, where she painted works inspired by Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh, and married the painter Robert Delaunay in 1910.
Already leaning towards a painting style focused on pure colour, Sonia assisted her husband with his research into colour and the refraction of light, concluding that dynamic effects are expressed by nothing more than modulations of light and colour, which generate a lyrical tone. This spawned the movement named Orphism (or Orphic Cubism), after Orpheus, a legendary musician associated with Greek mythology.
Sonia Terk strove to push Orphism beyond the boundaries of painting, and in 1913 started designing fabrics based on simultaneous colour contrasts.
In the inter-war years, she pioneered the design of abstract clothing and assisted her husband with a series of major decorations for the 1925 Paris International Exhibition.
Her uncontested dominance, however, lay in the art of textile, tapestry and carpet design, which she totally reinvented by replacing traditional decorations with geometric patterns in strikingly intense colours, like those used in her paintings.